Film and TV Virtual Production Using an LED Volume with Unreal Engine Event

MX MOVIES and VIRTUAL PRODUCTION HOUSE are very happy to sponsor the Film and TV Virtual Production Using an LED Volume with Unreal Engine Event on March 7th, 2023.

Virtual Production House, in partnership with Epic Games (makers of Unreal Engine), is hosting a launch event to celebrate the opening of Virtual Production House’s new Vancouver studio, a standing LED Volume stage designed to offer services to Commercials, Episodics, MOWs, and Features of all budget levels.

The event is hosted by Virtual Production House Vancouver in its beautiful 10,000 square foot facility and 40-foot diameter LED volume, ideally sized and priced to cater to Vancouver productions of all budget levels. INT or EXT, DAY or NIGHT, REAL or UNREAL.

7858 Hoskins St #110
Delta, BC V4G 1M4


Tyson Eggum
Tyson EggumVIRTUAL PRODUCTION HOUSE Technical Director
Tyson is a Technical Director for Virtual Production House, a company that specializes in creating immersive and interactive environments for film and television. Previously, he was a VFX artist for award winning film studios such as Lynmar Entertainment, until he made the plunge into real-time rendering using Unreal Engine.

As someone with a passion for new technology, Tyson has dedicated his efforts towards democratizing digital filmmaking for all types of productions as well as providing multi-disciplinary leadership to help smooth out the experience of early adoption

Gladys Tong
Gladys TongPIXMONDO Virtual Production Supervisor
Gladys is the Founder and President of G Creative Productions Inc., a Vancouver based company specializing in on-set interactive motion graphics and visual effects for the film and television industry. With over 25 years of experience in Hollywood productions such as Star Trek Beyond and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Gladys has been able to combine her interests in art, design, communications, education, human-computer interaction, and emerging technologies.

In the last several years, Gladys has helped productions utilize LED Panel systems for interactive lighting as well as car process work. Most recently Gladys served as the Virtual Production Supervisor on Pixomondo’s Vancouver stage – one of the world’s largest virtual production volumes on Netflix’s upcoming live-action series “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” She is an advocate for more education and mentorship in Virtual Production hosting volume demos, educational workshops, and participating in industry panel discussions.

Hans Ter Horst
Hans Ter HorstICVFX Virtual Production Supervisor
Hans Ter Horst is a ICVFX Virtual Production Supervisor and Unreal Engine Generalist with over 15 years of professional experience in film and video productions. He has worked on various film and TV productions in Mexico and Canada, specializing in different areas of production.

Hans was also part of Epic Games second generation of the VP Fellowship, this experience has undoubtedly contributed to his success in the field of virtual production. As a Virtual Production Supervisor, he uses his expertise in Unreal Engine to help create and execute real-time visual effects, virtual environments, and other cutting-edge production techniques.

Daniel Hsia
Daniel Hsia is the President of Virtual Production House Vancouver, a new LED volume stage built to service Vancouver commercials, episodics, MOWs, and features of all budget levels. As a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and Writers Guild of America (WGA), Daniel possesses nearly two decades of motion picture industry experience and is eager to use his understanding of film production budgeting, scheduling, and workflows to help Vancouver filmmakers bring their visions to the screen.
Amir Endalah
Amir is the founder and CEO of The Other End and Virtual Production House, a Toronto-based film studio leading the advancement and democratization of virtual production solutions in the Canadian film industry.He is an expert creative force with years of experience across international production markets in media, film and television. As a senior producer, creative director and team leader across a variety of content creation projects, he maintains a strong advocacy for the independent film industries as well as striving for innovation in production and professional education. He is one of the key thought leaders in virtual production activities and workflows in Toronto and Canada at large.
Ben Burden Smith
Ben Burden SmithFISH FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT Creative Director | Virtual Production Supervisor
BBS started in the mocap department in 1999 under the world renowned Demian Gordon, a leader in virtual production and real time shooting (Polar Express, The Matrix trilogy, Beowulf). BBS directed the alien motion in the winning and nominated Academy Award film District-9.

BBS has had a passion for virtual pipelines and workflows, integrating this into his Creative Direction and Producing for over 2 decades. Having held partner roles and Department Head positions at companies like Bron Studios, Happy Mushroom, Goldtooth Creative, and The Third Floor.

BBS spent 2018-19 working at Happy Mushroom with Stage-Craft LA on The Mandalorian S1, as well as being the Technical advisor and content Producer for LeBron James Springhill Entertainment, where BBS produced 140 minutes of story cinematics using performance capture for NBA 2K20 starring Idris Elba, Rosario Dawson, LeBron James, and many more.

In summer of 2022, BBS did the world premiere of the Mars Vive camera system for HTC, showcasing the usage of the non-optical camera tracking system.

BBS joined Fish Flight Entertainment in 2022 to offer virtual production services for film, TV, and content creation and is excited to be back collaborating with Paul Furminger whom he has been working with since 2005. The growing virtual production team will utilize realtime pipelines with traditional VFX techniques and work directly with live-action departments to create content using Unreal engine, 3D scanning, mocap, green-screen, and LED walls.


Rob Leslie
Rob LeslieLESLIE MEDIA Owner
Rob Leslie has done everything from being featured on National Geographic, working on film sets with Tom Cruise, Goldberg and taking photos of and with cheeseburgers. It’s been a journey and I’m always looking for new tides to swim in. Currently working in Game Development and 3D Animation.
As the Epic Games Community Leader for Metro Vancouver I am looking for 3 other people with business and/or game development skills to build an equal ownership 4 person Game Development Startup company. If that interests you then get in touch because you might be the person to help make it happen.


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Full service film location liaison company for film productions and property owners. MX MOVIES has over a decade of film production and commercial real estate experience with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level.