MX MOVIES offers Metro Vancouver’s premier film locations loaded with amenities to help producers and filmmakers save time and money. Costs are straightforward with flat rates for space, power, and overtime — no hidden fees or surprise costs.

Exclusive portfolio of film locations

MX MOVIES has over a decade of film production and commercial real estate experience with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level.

Film Locations

Our film industry experts accelerate our film production clients’ success with exceptional planning through our specialized expertise and unparalleled ability to collaborate and deliver the best locations.

Real Estate Specialists

Our experience in commercial real estate helps our property owner clients to create cash flow by providing income for their real estate properties and managing their properties for film production.

Film Industry Expertise

MX MOVIES seamlessly blends technical orchestration with artistic vision to make sure that proper resources are available to help film productions to fulfill their specific production needs within budget.

MX MOVIES is a specialist in commercial real estate for the film industry

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Film Production Services



MX MOVIES provides premium film location liaison services by being the main contact for the film productions who wish to license the location while ensuring the following:

We work mainly with movies and television series.

Our film location services include:

  • Marketing and presenting the film location to the film production studios.
  • On behalf of the Property Owner, we negotiate the Film Location Agreement with the Film Production. We ensure all of the authorized signatures are on the Film Location Agreement and we confirm that damage deposits are paid before the first day of film production. The Property Owner will always have final approval of all agreements.
  • Schedule film productions with respect to the location’s schedule of business.
  • Mitigate impact to the location’s ongoing business.
  • Complete inspections of the location prior to filming and after filming to ensure it is returned to its original condition.
  • Manage on-site filming activities and enforce all site policies, including health and safety.
  • Confirm that the proper insurance is in place prior to the first day of film production.
  • Ensure that the film production crew has obtained correct permits for work being carried out.
  • Coordinate with supervisors, production assistants and film staff to ensure the safety of personnel and the smooth running of each day.
  • Coordinate parking for the film production crew on site.
  • Oversee sign in/out logs for all persons entering the site.
  • Conduct regular site inspections and request any required maintenance.

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